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SIJIA Truck Cover Materials
SIJIA PVC coated truck cover material is widely applied throughout the world. Because it’s not only beautiful and easy to use, but also greatly reduces the burden of a truck. High effectively load & unload: Demolition is extremely convenient in the truck curtain, we can load the goods from 4 directions. It is very convenient to unload with forklift, only takes 20 minutes to unload goods from the truck, largely improve the transportation efficiency. It is ideal for forklift to work at any angle if the goods on the pallet. Advertisement on the truck curtain: Advertisements can be printed on the fabric when the truck curtain is a softy material. The appearance of the advertisement is more beautiful than the pattern of container. Widely applications: Because the main materials of truck curtain are softy materials, so we can make it according to the basis of truck structure precisely. We can use this kind of mobile truck curtain whatever the basis of truck structure. Energy-saving, Environmental-friendly: The most advantage of PVC coated truck cover is that can greatly reduce the weight of truck. It can reduce the fuel consumption and gas exhaust emissions, and reduce transportation expenses that way. Truck cover materials pass the REACH standard of EU environmental test, it can be recycle used, and it is much faster to load and unload, greatly saving the working time and reducing the gas exhaust emissions. With most technical innovated coating line and professional technical team, SIJIA focuses on R&D and innovation of truck cover materials, meets the demands of different fields of application, and promotes the development of this industry together with you.
Truck Cover  Materials
            Type Test  Item  Test  Method             T602T652T673T904
 Titer Of Yarn(dtex)         DIN ISO 20601100110011001100
Yarn Count(yarn/cm)       DIN EN 1049-2 7/7  8/8  9/9  12/12 
Weave Style                     DIN ISO 9354L1/1L1/1L1/1P2/2
Weight of Base Fabric (g/㎡)DIN EN 12127160180210270
Total Weight (g/㎡)           EN ISO 2286-2600650670900
Total Thickness  (mm)               ±0.02mm0.480.510.530.70
Tensile Strength (N/125px)    EN ISO 14212500/22002800/25003000/28004000/3500
Tear Strength  (N)          DIN 53363250/220280/250400/350500/450
Adhesion  (N/125px)    EN ISO 2411>100>100>100>100
Threshold Temperature  (℃) DIN EN 1876-1 -30~70 -30~70 -30~70 -30~70
Surface Treatment               Acrylic
Flame Retardancy               DIN75200, CL2
Quality Management             ISO 9001
1、The technical data here above are average  values with a ±5% tolerance;                                                         
2、The buyer of our products is fully responsible  for their application or their transformation concerning any possible third  party; 
3、All the data above are the best we can provide  for the intended purpose and it not legally binding.
4、Our products are subjects to evolutiondue to  technical progress, we remain entitled to modify the characteristics of our  products at any time. 

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